William Konopisos forms Better Built Builders as a General Contractor in Pleasant Hill, California.  
BBB contracts to build the first HUD Section 8 housing project in Oakland, California.
BBB signs contract to build new and renovate the existing Veterans Administration Hospital in San Francisco.
BBB designs and build Christian Women’s Fellowship in Martinez, California.
BBB enters into a Venture with Consolidated Capital on a Trammell Crow portfolio acquisition in Houston, Texas.  A new Design Build Construction Firm (WAK Inc.) is opened in Houston and is specifically formed to design, build, renovate and manage the 24 apartment complexes, 11 office buildings and 8 Industrial parks in Texas.
WAK signs Venture Agreement to Design, Build and Maintain nationwide the Shopping Center portfolio for Consolidated Resource Corporation in Rochester, New York.  More than 50 projects are designed and built nationally through 1995.
WAK formally announces Admiral Konstantine Konopisos as a partner in the firm bringing military and political influence as well as legal counseling to the firm.
WAK enters into partnership agreement with Alco Industries out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for nationwide metal building construction projects.  Projects continually since 1982 and continue today.
WAK opens an office in Frankfurt, Kentucky and Hatford, Connecticut to more effectively service and build the CRC properties
WAK is selected as preferred contractor at Rice University in Houston, Texas.
WAK contracts for the largest section 8 HUD Housing project in Houston
WAK designs Audubon Society building in Houston
WAK is contracted to design new Astro World park areas in DC Comic Theme
WAK is contracted to design Rota Island Resort
WAK is contracted to design Jakarta Hotel Resort
WAK contracts to design and build new facilities at Mountaineer Race Track and Casino.
WAK announces the opening of new office in Reno, Nevada.
WAK forms new company Consolidated Resources (CR) with principle partners from Consolidated Resource Corporation and Consolidated Capital.
WAK contracts with Multiple Insurance providers on Hurricane Andrew re-construction projects in Florida totaling over $80M
WAK wins The Westlake Water Museum Architectural Competition in Hangzhou, China
CR begins Design Build projects funded through Managed Buy Sell activities for SPV initiatives
WAK contracts for a Design Build resort residential project in Maui, Hawaii
CR contracts for Design and Build of sister projects in Dubai and Las Vegas
WAK ia awarded the contract to Design and Build Minarik Corporate Headquarters
WAK donates the Design and Construction of Care Chest Charity Corporate Offices and Distribution Center
WAK donates the Design and Construction of multiple University of Nevada Athletic buildings
WAK enters into Venture Agreement to develop multiple custom homes in Arrowcreek Country Club
WAK is awarded the Peoples Choice Award for custom Homes in the Street of Dreams
WAK is awarded the Grand Award for custom homes in The Parade of Homes
WAK acquires office and residential sites in Reno for Design and Construction
WAK is awarded the Grand Award for custom homes in The Parade of Homes
WAK acquires Mixed Use Development Land in Colorado for the Design and Construction of 800K SF of Retail and 400 Residential Units
WAK featured on ABC and in Dupont / Design Build Magazine for its custom home
CR begins engagement with global banking group on Humanitarian projects for project underwriting and construction management in the fields of Food, Power. Water, Shelter, Health & Education
WAK featured on HGTV for one of its Grand Award winning custom homes
CR Education provides design and construction management on Cultural Center and water wells in Africa.
CR Shelter engages on disaster relief shelters under United Nations project
CR’s global banking responsibilities to include Design Build Construction Underwriting and Management
CR Power engages with EMF Power technology for energy and transportation
CR Health engages in plaque removal technology from the Human Body
CR engages with DGB out of Canada on precious metal venture
CR Shelter engages on green building initiative
CR engages with new engineered tree for global re-forestation, bio mass and bio-fuel
 2009 – 2011:
WAK is acquired by CR and the corporate re-structure includes the formation of offshore banking to facilitate the Food, Power, Water, Shelter, Health and Education divisions.
CR Power engages with multiple technologies for Green Energy initiatives, including Plasma Waste to Energy to assist in NorthStar Project iniative.
CR Shelter, Power and Water divisions engage with Engineered Tree technology for carbon scrubbing, bio fuel / bio mass and green building components.
CR Food engages with multiple technologies on sustainable food sources, processing, storage and transportation/distribution.
CR Education engages on multiple platforms for the distribution of knowledge into 2nd and 3rd world countries.
CR Health is involved in the identification, verification and implementation of various life enhancing technologies globally.
CR Shelter is contracted to Design and Build Mountainside Estate in Scottsdale, AZ
CR Power engages with underwater wave power generating system
CR Education involved in funding for laptop computer initiative
CR Food engages with sustainable beef program
CR Shelter engages with NSE on the acquisition and utilization or an ultra fine ultra pure commodity for project funding utilization
CR Shelter contracts for construction management of La Jolla corporate residence
CR Food engages in new fertilizer technology
CR Water engages in water filtration technology
CR Shelter engages for Design on Antigua Beachfront resort
CR acquires commodity assets to support project funding initiatives
CR Health continues its advancement of cancer research and alternative medicine clinics
CR Shelter Contracts to design and build a ZERO VOC mountain top estate for neurological disorder client in need of a clean home for his survival.
CR Shelter engages for Design services on Scotland Golf Resort
CR Food engages with sports nutrition group for global roll out of new products
CR Power engages with new battery technology
CR Shelter engages on Construction Management for 12 Custom Estates in PGA Golf and Country Club
CR engages portions of its assets into backing new crypto currency to facilitate project funding
CR Water is involved in carbon scrubbing technology for China and 3rd world countries
CR Shelter partners to acquire custom home development; Meraki Place and will Design and Build the project
CR Shelter is awarded the Design and Pre-Con Services contract for Valkyrie Systems Aerospace’s Global Flight and Manufacturing Center.