12.15: CR Health receives purchase agreement from US Federal Procurement Agent for 15 minute throat swab Covid Tests for First Responders.

12.15: CR Shelter has received additional approvals for the Development of multiple projects in the Azores, Portugal.

12.11: CR Health in conjunction with Diagnostics Lab begin the marketing, sale and distribution of a 15 minute, self reveal throat swab Covid 19 test approved by US Department of Health & Human Services.

11.25 CR Health receives access to new 15 minute, self revealing throat swab Covid 19 test.

11.03 CR Water technology advances through initial testing lab certification for commercialization.

10.21 CR Power advances waste to energy plant plans in Morocco.

10.12 CR Food donates 2000 lbs of food to various Food Banks.

10.12 CR Shelter breaks ground on Residential Development project in USA.

9.28 CR Education receives grant from private citizen for the advancement of virtual learning platform.

9.17 CR Health working with various manufacturers and suppliers of PPE for distribution.

8.26: CR Global acquires off shore company for various Humanitarian projects in Portugal.

6.06: CR Shelter engaged for Design Build Nevada Office/Warehouse facility for National client.

6.02: CR Shelter engaged for Design Build Oklahoma Distribution Center.

5.31: CR Food receives approval for high grade powdered milk product to produce a high quality, long shelf life product for distribution.

5.26: CR Shelter engages with CR Power to provide a Waste to Energy Power Plant as a part of its Portugal/Morocco initiative.

5.20: CR Health continues to support its decade long relationship with Cancer treatment study group.

4.04: CR Health is working on behalf of the State of New York; USA to procure 50 million N95 masks through CR humanitarian channels for State and Health Care workers.

4.04: CR continued its commitment to the Trillion Tree Initiative set forth by the World Economic Forum with another 100 trees planted.

3.23: CR has committed its full resources from CR Health to assist the US in its containment of the Pandemic and the financial resources from CRI for global support.

3.23: CR Shelter is currently working with several governments on the establishment of a sustainable affordable living model for the pre fab / modular construction of new homes.

3.23: CR Shelter is currently underwriting a new mixed use development project on the beach in Panama City, Florida

3.23: CR Food is supporting sustainable hydroponic facilities to augment the fresh fruit/vegetable supply chain in 1/3 of the growing time.

3.23: CR Water has engaged with new technology project for Australia water reserves.

2.20: CR Shelter into discussions with BSPS on the development of an 185 unit condo tower in Panama City, Florida.

2.18: CR Shelter enters into discussions with BSPS on the development of 800 acres on Run Cay in the Bahamas.

2.14: Valkyrie Systems Aerospace project expands its scope to include Oklahoma, Nevada, and Florida.

1.24: CR Shelter enters into discussion with the country of Portugal for the development of two “Golden Visa” residential developments.


12.20: Valkyrie Aerospace project takes important step forward for CR Shelter.

12.19: CR Shelter’s Meraki Place project nears completion on site work and is on schedule for 2020 Q1 vertical construction.

12.19: CR Shelter’s Meraki Place project nears completion on site work and is on schedule for 2020 Q1 vertical construction.

12.19: CR Power’s new solar application technology submitted for funding consideration.

12.16: Another CR Shelter multimillion project receives Certificate of Occupancy.

12.08: CR Water’s Australian water project submitted for funding consideration.

12.03: CR Power announcing formal negotiations with new age power storing technology. Look for 2020 Q1 update!

12.03: CR Health’s Med 5 receives additional funding for  manufacturing its human body plaque reduction supplement.

11.30: CR Food submits sustainable soil technology for funding consideration.

11.29: A CR Shelter multimillion residential project receives Certificate of Occupancy.

11.16: CR Shelter’s Meraki Place Development Phase I sold out in 1 day!  Phase II to be released on Memorial Day in 2020.

11.04: CR Shelter contracted with private jet company for branding and design development of 35 hub ports nationally.  

10.24: CR Water engages with private inventor on the development of an innovative water technology.

10.18: CR Health Partnering with Med 5 on the development, marketing, production and distribution of this supplement designed to eliminate plaque from the body.

9.7: CR Shelter has entered into discussions with First Impressions to act as the Design Firm for the Meraki Place project.

9.7: CR Food and CR Water have contributed to the relief effort for Hurricane Dorian with CR Shelter continuing discussions with the Bahamian govt on establishing a modular factory for the constructuon of low income, hurricane resistant housing.

9.7: CR Power has executed a venture agreement for the financing and construction of waste to energy power plants in a to be identified Western European country… stay tuned for more details.

7.24: CR Power in ongoing negotiations to install waste to energy power plants in Sweden to help offset the decommissioning of the nuclear power facilities over the next several years.

7.16: CR Shelter has two more custom estates at the Chalets at Montreux receive certificate of occupancy! For more custom Estates are still underway at the home of the PGA Barracuda Championship!

7.5: CR Shelter’s Meraki Place ground breaking ceremony. commenced today!!  The Multi Million dollar  contemporary private gated community in Nevada began construction with support from Mayor Schieve amd the City Council.

6.20: CR Food is in discussions with a Next Generation soil, fertilizer and hydroponic technology that will help decrease the growing cycle and increase the quality of all grown food products.

CR Health and CR Shelter combine to assist Cypress Prairie Hospital Group for the funding and construction management for a Childrens Hospital in Cypress, Texas. (4/29/2019)

CR Global enters into capital agreement with global firm for select project funding initiatives. (4/15/2019)

CR Shelter project Meraki Place receives final approvals for development.  Ground Breaking scheduled for May 2019. (4/2/2019)